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Chiale Fine Art is an international art gallery specialized in the trade of antique and modern sculptures, antique and modern painting and decorative arts, especially Italian furniture from the eighteenth century. The gallery, based in Racconigi, represents an excellence in the art world and it is a point of reference among the most important galleries in Italy and in the European scene.

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What I most admire and love most about my job is that I do not consider it a job, but rather a passion without which I could not live and that delights and makes every single day of my life special. I love the discovery of the object, its study and the enhancement of all the history it carries with it. Loving and appreciating an object of art means admiring our history, our past and with them all the artists that have influenced our existence.

Alessandro Chiale

CEO, Founder

Even before I took my first steps at an early age, my family accompanied me to museums and art galleries to admire the great artists and their immense works: it can certainly be said that I grew up with a love for the ancient art, and that this passion is part of my own soul. Then following my degree in architecture, I then learned to appreciate the combination of ancient art and modern art that merges into a single essence: the love of beauty and the genius of artists.

Federico Chiale

Architect, Interior Designer

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